About CEDN

About Us

The Columbia Epidemiology Doctoral Network (CEDN) was created in 2021 to help develop and maintain a network of Columbia University public health epidemiologists that have participated in Doctoral Programme.

It also includes current students and alumni from the Columbia University Doctoral Programmes across the departments of Columbia University.

The purpose is to provide practical and useful links to job and practicum opportunities, an announcement board and an ask the network feature to keep engaging conversations amongst our members.


Provide current and former doctoral students with local support, including practical and technical assistance and including mentoring where appropriate

Facilitate the maintenance of the strong network within and between past alumni and current doctoral candidates

Share and exchange professional experiences, information and skills among members

Constitute and enable access to a pool of expertise of trained epidemiologists and public health practitioners, who can provide epidemiological, public health microbiological and public health expertise for members, their organisations, and other public and private organisations

Take part and assist in the promotion, development and delivery of training in epidemiology, public health and public health microbiology

Contribute to both the logistical and scientific organisation of epidemiology and/or public health microbiology meetings

In support of these objectives, we encourage all past and present fellows from the Columbia University Epidemiology Doctorate Programme to make active use of our forums.